The Many Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

Concrete Floor

There are many benefits of using concrete floors in your home or in your business establishment. To name a few are strength or durability, aesthetic appeal, easy to clean, repels water and it helps you to save energy. Below are brief explanations of concrete floor benefits when you decide to put them with the help of your contractor.

Guaranteed Durability

The compressive strength of acid-stained floors is greater than 4000psi which makes them resistant to different kinds of damage. They do not peel, flake or buckle. As long as acid-stained floors are installed correctly, they can withstand heavy weights and so much foot traffic. This means you will not have to spend a lot in replacing these floors or even in having them repaired. These floors exceed the lifespans of tiles, hardwood and carpeting.

Beauty and elegance

Have you ever thought of having floors that are very classy and sophisticated? These floors can be turned into luxurious-like floorings like marble, travertine, granite and flagstone. Since they can be stained with acids, one single color can make a lovely texture and tone that can complement different kinds of interior design themes. And with the help of your contractor, proper installations and professional designs will make your home’s floor like floors of 5 star hotels. Nowadays, natural stones can be transformed with the use of different floor coating techniques.

Energy savings

Concrete has a thermal mass. This is a property of concrete which absorbs, stores and releases heat and cold air. This means that it can regulate the temperature inside the house, which also means that it decreases the workload of the air conditioning system and heater. But keep in mind that concrete can only absorb heat or cold air once it is exposed so if you have tiles or carpet, your concrete is less likely to have its thermal mass at work. The thermal mass of concrete can help you save 15- 25% of energy every year, in order to enhance this, you can have a radiant heating device installed. This device releases heat without increasing the temperature inside the room.

Low Maintenance

Aside from its energy saving benefits, concrete floors are easy to clean. Unlike tiles that need regular cleaning and wooden floors that need regular waxing, concrete are cleaned simply with the use of mop and broom. It is also easy to wipe off liquids that spilled on concrete floors. In areas where there is heavy foot traffic, polishing may be done but this can be done easily.

Water resistance

Concrete floors are recommended for basements because it has high resistance from water and moisture. Unlike other types of floorings, concrete floors do not mold, de-laminate and produce odor when they get wet. They can withstand high humidity, dampness and floods during storms. For added precuations, consider damp proffing your flooring. Always use an experienced and professional damp proofing contractor.

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