4 Budget-Friendly Decorative Concrete Design Ideas

Decorative ConcreteThere are a lot of concrete decorations you can choose from, the problem is, when you use so many decorative concrete designs, the more money you spend not only for the material but also for the labor. In order to help you avoid spending too much, here are 4 tips that can help you in choosing the design that best suits your taste.

The basic one color/ stain application

This technique is best for your floors inside the house. You need the advice of your contractor in order for you to further understand the process. To briefly explain, this technique uses a single color or a stain that is applied to the concrete and then sealed with a sealing coat. Your contractor should recommend a water-based stain rather than an acid to make it more economical.

Stenciling Concrete

Stenciling the borders of your floor can be a good alternative in case you want a stamped or a muti-colored look. This is good for patios and driveways. Ask your contractor to explain this to you because this is more cost effective and time saving compared to stamped concretes.

The rock salt vs. exposed aggregate finish

This one is recommended for sidewalks, pavements like pool decks or plazas and patios. The exposed aggregate finish is done by placing a concrete and then peeling the upper layer of the cement to bring out the designed coarse aggregate. This is skid-resistant and has a good percentage of durability that is why it is suitable for flat-work. This technique may also be used on walls. Another is the rock salt finish which is also skid-resistant. This is done by exposing the wet concrete with salts and then removed after 24 hours. It will ten give a speckled look. The prices of these techniques depend on the surface area needed to be done so it is best to ask for quotations.

The polished finish

Concretes which were polished have a lot of benefits. It does not only increase the illumination of the building but it also makes it slip-resistant and allows the building to breathe. Compared to marble and granite, this is cheaper and easier to maintain because it will only require re-polishing in case there is heavy foot traffic.

Top tips

There are some people who argue that renovating the house specifically its concretes makes its value go higher. There may be truth on what they are saying but extravagance should not be justified by anything. Please take note of the following tips:

  • When concrete curves are made into straight lines, it creates a focal point making the property cost lower.
  • Ask your contractor about the bottom line. Bottom line may include drain boards, pack splashes and customised edges on kitchen tops or counters.
  • Ask your contractor about the ideal decorative concrete your project needs.

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