Stain your Concrete Patios and Floors for Amazing Effects

acid stained concrete floorAs the concrete industry is growing fast, many contractors nowadays make use of an innovative strategy called the stained concrete. It is also one of the sought after styles by most clients not only because it is low maintenance but also because it is very durable. This kind of concrete can also be integrated with different designs and decorative applications. It is aesthetically appealing because of its uniqueness.

Below are the different benefits of an acid-stained concrete suitable for your home and business.

Visual Appeal

This unique design of flooring can resemble the look of more expensive floor concretes such as flagstone, granite, slate, sandstone, travertine and marble. You can achieve the same sophisticated look of these floors by just spending a fraction of its cost. Even by using only a single color on a plain concrete, you can have a floor with a luxurious style.

Long Lasting Durability and Resilience

Concrete floors have incredible strength to start with. But compared with a painted concrete floor, a stained concrete floor has higher levels of resilience and durability. They do not discolor, chip, flake or peel. They can also withstand different conditions like rain and even ultraviolet rays that’s why they can be used in different parts of the house.

Eco-friendly Sustainability

Unlike other flooring products, concrete floors are made from recycled materials plus the fact that they seldom need to be replaced because of their durability. This makes concrete floors energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Increased Energy Savings

Concrete-stained flooring helps you save energy because it has the capability to absorb heat and coolness even if the temperature outside changes constantly. It also helps you save from your electric bill by reducing the workload of HVAC equipment by regulating temperature changes inside the house.

Naturally Water Resistant

Concrete flooring which had been stain-colored can withstand moisture by letting the floor sip it without causing discolorations and other damages unlike other floors made with different materials.

Enhances Better Indoor Air Quality

Concrete –stained flooring promotes better air quality by preventing mold or mildew growth. It also enhances better indoor air quality by naturally antagonizing dust mites, does not require strong chemical cleaners to keep it clean, moisture can easily evaporate from its surface and it can be installed with sealers with little amount or even without volatile organic compounds.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Concrete-stained floors require very little maintenance to keep them looking good. These kinds of floors only require regular mopping or vacuum in order to keep them aesthetically appealing. For areas with high human traffic, regular floor polishing will help in keeping it look new and shiny.

Concrete-stained floors can create a luxurious and classy look you never thought you could have right at your own home. Not only there are different colors available but there are also several designs you can choose from. You can give us a call today so we can help you achieve the elegant concrete-stained floor you always wanted.

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