Resurface your Concrete Flooring for Longer Life, A Fresh Look and Added Value

plasterer resurfacing concrete cement floorAn old and dull-looking concrete on your floor may affect the over-all look of your house. In order to make your floors look new again, concrete resurfacing may be done. Concrete resurfacing is the application of a polymer modified overlay or a thin cement based overlay. This method will not only make your floors look attractive again but it also has other benefits.

Cost effectiveness

Instead of completely replacing your old concrete with another type of flooring, concrete resurfacing is a lot cheaper. It can hide scratches and fix other damages on your concrete floor. This technique will save you a lot of money from paying labor and for securing new materials needed for the replacement of floors. Another is it will also save your time because this is very simple to do.

Increases the value of your home

Instead of upgrading the floor of your house into newer and expensive materials, concrete resurfacing also adds value to your house. Aside from making it look new, you may also add colors and designs to your newly resurfaced concrete floor.

Increases resilience to future wear and tear

Have you ever thought that your resurfaced floor can be stronger than your previous floor? The materials that are used in concrete resurfacing are durable, therefore, your resurfaced floor did not only improve aesthetically but they are also made stronger. Minor flaws are hidden and it also becomes resilient to different factors that can make it wear.

Variety of textures, colors and surfaces

Aside from concealing the damages on your floor, concrete resurfacing also offers the advantage of customizing your floor. You can have your concrete floor designed by using several techniques like stamping, staining or placing exposed aggregates. There are a lot of colors and patterns you can choose from that’s why you can now achieve the texture and style that you want.

Easy to apply

Resurfacing materials are very easy to apply. You won’t have to remove your old concrete floor and replace it with a new one. This will save you from a lot of effort, time and money. The only important thing you must keep in mind that the slurry must be uniformly distributed throughout the concrete surface and pay attention to small cracks and other imperfections so that they may be fixed or repaired.

Prevents corrosion

There will be times when salt will seep into the surface making it corrode. The process of concrete resurfacing will be able to prevent this by slowing down salts from entering and sinking in to the concrete floor. Another advantage of concrete resurfacing is that it increases the floor’s  tolerance to extreme temperatures, shock, weight and other factors that may contribute to its damage.

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