Using Epoxy to Protect your Flooring- Commercial and Residential Garages

Epoxy FlooringThe purpose of coating and sealing a concrete floor with epoxy is to prolong its life and to restore its aesthetic appeal as years go by. This kind of coating is very economical because it will save you a lot of money compared to other types. This one is not easily damaged, if it does, the part that was damaged may be repaired instead of replacing the whole floor which is really expensive. This is done by applying a resin on the surface of a floor such as marble or terrazzo. It makes the floor more durable and shiny without making it slippery.

Aside from epoxy being hard thus it is resistant from scratches, it is also dust-proof making it easy to clean and suitable for industrial establishments which encounters so much foot traffic every day. Aside from it being durable and appealing, it is also affordable that is why even other industries had started to use this kind of flooring. The epoxy flooring has different types of finishes available.

In industrial establishments such as factories and warehouses, epoxy floorings are recommended because it can withstand the weight of the heavy equipment that these establishments use. These floors are also commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms because they are water proof and will not easily get destroyed, plus they are easier to clean because it repels water.

There are different coatings that floor companies provide:

Epoxy coating- this kind of coating is recommended for transportation establishments, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and food processing because it is resistant to stains, chemicals and moisture. It also improves the luster of the concrete without making it slippery and hazardous.

Urethane cement flooring- this one is great for thermal shock and is commonly used on windows and door frames including the borders of walls and ceilings.

Trench drains- this is another service provided by floor companies. They also install trench drains.  Your contractor can explain this thoroughly to you so just feel free to ask.

Most businesses make use of epoxy because it can be used to seal any holes or cracks in the concrete flooring instead of replacing the whole floor. Imagine how much you can save with this kind of technique compared to other kinds of floor coatings? Epoxy coating is also non-porous thus it is resistant from the growth of bacteria and molds. This kind of coating lasts for 15-25 years.

There are different types of epoxy available. There is the self-dispersing epoxy which is recommended for establishments that use fork lifts and pallet jacks. Another is the quartz sand which makes the floor non-slippery. You may ask your contractor for the other types of epoxy coatings like mortar, functional and decorative to help you decide which best suits your needs.

It won’t hurt if you will seek the help of professionals who specialise in commercial floor coatings. Especially in the manufacturing industry, floors must be strong enough to withstand the weight of equipment and heavy foot traffic.

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