How to Make a Good Stamped Concrete- Ideal for Patios and Most Other Floor Areas

stamped concrete floorIn the year 1970s, stamping concrete was first introduced in the industry of construction because it did not only give an elegant outcome but it also gave high customer satisfaction rates. During the first few years of stamped concrete, its colors and designs were very limited but this kind of concrete has greatly evolved into different and many modern patterns and styles. Concretes are used in different kinds of surfaces and textures, examples of these are highways, verandas, pathway and even house floors.

You need to find a contractor who is very much qualified and skilled in order for you to come up with a good design. Below are some tips you that can be useful for you in choosing a good design.

For houses that are designed with brick patterns, it is best to choose colors that will complement the roof, walls and interior design.

Observing other stamped concrete on your neighborhood, checking on photos and reading articles about these kinds of concretes will also be a great help.

You may also seek the help of professionals so that they can give you an idea of the whole picture, and from there, both of you can decide which decide will be suitable for your taste and lifestyle.

Visiting home expose, exhibits or showrooms around your area is also a good idea because contractors display a lot of designs and colors which you can choose from.

Having different designs to choose from will help you save time and money because it will help you in coming up with your budget. Choosing the right design that will complement the house’s architecture is likely to last longer.

The three factors that will make the decorations look more appealing are the accumulation of accent color, base color and the pattern of stamp. All of these factors will make it look outstanding than paved stones.

Accumulation of Accent Color

The accumulation of accent color pertains to the use of secondary colors. Secondary colors are used for two purposes. First, is to paint the concrete and second is to prevent the sticking of stamps to the concrete. Coloring brings out the texture and makes other building materials to show. A professional will be able to help you when it comes to the proper application of colors.

Accumulation of Base Color

The base color is the primary color placed in the stamping concrete in order to bring out the natural color of building materials. The surface of the pattern is hardened when powder pigments are used to color the concrete. Another method is the cast-on color, this procedure only covers the base of the concrete. With this method, the whole concrete is colored at the base and then spread throughout the hardener and then dried.

Stamping a Pattern on the Concrete

Patterns are made by polyurethane. They are made with implanted concretes after them being made with concrete. The stamp is then styled with the use of metal and concrete. Once the color is applied, the stamps are pushed into the concrete for them to leave patterns and then removed. This is done to make it look like a natural stone.

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